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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

General election In Nepal 2013

Election indeed is a question of national interest for all but the syndicate of the four parties that  is driving the national interest is wrong and should be challenged. In any democratic system election means the voice of public, their aspiration and hopes are related with the formation of new government and political parties which cannot have a limitation or criteria but here in Nepal things are completely different. The four so called big parties are in the midst of conducting election despite the dis-interest shown by other political parties. They are pushing the line and putting everything in line to hold the general election 2013.   

Getting back to the opposition the Baidya party Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist (CPN-M) and the 33 other parties have been opposing the election with valid reasons:

1. The election government is lead by Khil Raj Regmi who is the chief justice of Nepal and according to the Constitution  of Nepal no one can obtain two official government position in any condition. Currently he has withheld the position of Chief Justice till the time of election and he would rejoin his post, which practically might sound okay but technically it is wrong. The opposition wants him to resign from the post of the chief justice in midst of maintaining rule of law which is valid.
2. They want the election dates to be shifted back by  4 months from the current date saying they need preparation time which is also valid 

In both the case I believe the Baidya  party and the 33 parties have the equal right to protest against the happening. The Baidya Party has publicly announced that they would retaliate the general election with force and action. They have made it public that if their demands are bypassed then they would kidnap the party election leaders during the course of polls.

It is very obvious that with such chaos election in coming Mangshir is not agreed upon by all.  The Baidya party Plus 33 parties want to extend the election for 4 months, I don't see any harm. Apart from that this election will just turn out to be nothing than a mockery of the democratic system of Nepal, if effective measures are not taken. How can it be democratic if only limited parties attended the polls? 

My question to all is how could this election be successful when more than 33 parties are out of league? Does the Nepali government have enough money to hold re-election? It is just the pressure of the Indian counterpart that wants to establish their rule here in Nepal as we all know the Indian election are approaching in India and there are chances that BJP Narendra Modi is in the line of  next Prime Minister’s position of India so the Congress party of India wants to establish their elected and supported government here in Nepal as they know if BJP party of India wins the election then there are huge chances that Monarchy might return here in Nepal..  
I think election is the right of Nepali people so the people of Nepal should be given the right to choose their representation or not for any political manipulation or political game  ............. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Nomination for Constituent Assembly

Maoist Party of Nepal has been talking about ethnic based federalism and equality and equal opportunity among the different culture. This is their nomination for leaders contesting for the candidacy of  Constituent Assembly. No offence but most of them are Bahuns alik bahunbad bhayeenara Mr Prachanda ..................................

Bahun: 8
Newar: 3
Janjati: 1

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Festival of the Masked dancers

Masked dancer at indra jatra 

Surprisingly amazing and full of amazing stories Indra Jatra is a festival that comes alive during its practice. From the living goddess Kumari to the chariot of Kumari, Ganesha and Bhairav people are busy in pulling and witness the one glimpse of the living goddesses. It is only during this festival that the living goddess Kumari comes out in public. People flock in thousands to pull the ton worth chariot with full force, with high tension and action, some get bruised some are fatally injured but the action keeps moving with the fulfilling the tradition.  . During the festival's many interesting dances, including the Procession of Living Goddess-Mahakali, Mahalaxmi and Dasha Avatara masked dances are staged at the Durbar square .

The chariot will be pulled along Basantapur, Ittkha, Naradevi, Tengal, Baangemuda, Ason, Indrachowk and back to Basantapur. The procession on the second day of chariot pulling is followed by a two-day break. After that, on the eighth day of the festival, the chariot is taken to Mahankal from Basantapur and back to Hanumandhoka for concluding rituals.

 The entire Basantapur and surrounding areas is covered by thousands of devotees who come to witness the procession. Nepal Police have been deployed over 1,000 security personnel to avoid any untoward incident during celebrations.

According to legends it is believed that  lord Indra’s mother Dakini was in need of a flower of ‘parijat’ to cure her ailments. Indra was plucking the flowers at Maruhiti, a sunken water spout at Maru, the people caught and bound him like a common thief. He was then put on display in the town square of Maru in Kathmandu.When the city folk realized they had captured Indra himself, they were appalled and immediately released him. Out of appreciation for his release, his mother(Dakini) promised to provide enough dew throughout the winter to ensure a rich crop. It is said that Kathmandu starts to experience foggy mornings from this festival onwards because of this boon.

Global challenges for Developing Nations

Global challenge is a complex scenario that echoes the deficiencies of our society and its development practices. These deficiencies are results of our psychological, social and economical, cultural, political, and legal practices which create differences among the societies and individuals.

In normal words the global challenges are categorize in following types:
1.       Poverty
2.       Training and Education
3.       Lack of proper infrastructures
4.       Lack of proper rules and regulation
5.        Attitude and perception
6.       Technological differences

 Highlighting that global challenge differs according to place and people with the availability of resources and facilities. It may sound as an understatement but reality always bites. Especially in the third world developing scenario, the relativity of lack of standardization and outrage of malpractices makes it more complex and complicated regarding global challenges and how things are done. Everything needs to be done single handily or make it work where corruption, networking, favoritism, political manipulation etc work as a tool in getting things done. More or less I think it’s human nature to makes things work and the only thing that differs in people and societies is just the way the people think and that’s the major challenge. 

I believe the most important global challenge is the psychological aspect that is related to human perception or thinking, it is one of the greatest challenges to overcome change and development. As human race from their origin have been very adaptive but at the same time their behavioral attribute of adaptation has resulted in thinking more about the safe side and trying to avoid risk at minimum. This attitude has not only developed into a psychological barrier but has transformed into an essential part of their cognitive process. They generally resist change and new things so whenever there is an idea of change they resist that effort. To bring change first one has to be very clear about the idea. It is said that the world can be changed with just one idea or spark. When that spark ignites it has to be flourished with proper visions and efforts then only it spreads and one after the other it spreads and takes the form of social transformation. So the social aspect needs to be very clear and worked on. It needs to be well groomed and understood regarding its use and implication, has to be prioritized at the top most level.  

For e.g. when Galileo , opposed the idea of the earth being flat he had to face pubic disgrace and people even called him insane, he didn’t back out he further did his research and proved the reality and later he was recognized for vision.

Nepal being an under developed country faces economic, traditional and geographical challenges. Its economy suffers from poverty, political manipulation, unemployment, illiteracy etc.  More or less development seeks proper infrastructure and capable human resource to drive the energy which certainly is lacking in Nepal. The aspect of its strategic location facilitates its feasibility in utilizing its location but with the unhealthy political practices and the lack of visionary leaders, Nepal lacks in creating better core policies in facilitating development activities and if present further lacks implementation. Similarly, in such scenario, an entrepreneur has to play multi-dimensional roles. He has to work as a promoter, investor and the manager in the process of his business development. The aspect of his struggle ranges from one end to another from social to moral to psychological to physical. It may seem easy looking at it from the other side but in this part of the world to start a business is like to start a new life where he has to start from zero making his own way.    

Basically, he encounters problems likes:

Ø  Limited access to capital
Ø  Corruption and bureaucracy
Ø  Low level of confidence
Ø  Low return from industry investment
Ø  Lack of education and training
Ø  Political instability
Ø  Lack of effective policy

When an entrepreneur thinks about starting something, it just comes out from one idea leading with his confidence and believes where he brings together the requisites like men, materials, machines, money and managerial ability. Then he further processes the requisites with other needed application; his motivation relies in the aspect of various infrastructures, governed by the different administrators leveling it from the organizational opening process to the adaptation of his idea in the market. In such scenario the absence of expertise or other resource may create hindrance in the over all process but the major role is played by the government where it not only acts as a facilitator and smooths the business development process.

Basically, when we looking at this part of the world, where there is poverty, unemployment, illiteracy problem, lack of infrastructure etc the perspective about the global challenge differs accordingly. It may sound different but yes it’s true the idea of global challenge depends and differs according to countries to different factors of economy, political status, core policies etc. I think it cannot be generalized as in most of the countries where they have funds they lack expertise, and in others where they have expertise they lack proper policies, in some they even lack infrastructure and effective sector  so there are tones of issues regarding global challenge but only one tool to overcome them all. It’s the power of believing in your-self and changing the world. You just need to believe in an idea and put the better efforts and then things do change.  People say wining is the only side of the game but I say and believe loosing is yet another part which is more valuable than winning where you learn by your experience, where you get the desire to stand up once again to prove yourself and relentless do the effort in creating a substance for your identity and to bring change.  
One thing that I have learnt from my experience is there fear in change and development but beyond that there is success which needs to realized and thought of and until and unless we reach out with proper efforts nothing will happen. So it better to try and move forward and make mistakes and gain knowledge rather than to stay behind and feel lacked. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

A mind of a Terrorist

Terrorists and suicide bombers are also humans but what makes them so brutal that pushes them towards killing hundreds that too without guilt is a question of amazement.
Even hurting yourself it pains but hurting someone else is a matter that lights the self conscious mind that neglects the moral values and human existence. These people are beyond the thinking of possibilities as anything is possible for them. 

I call these people abnormal brain function who on their cost don’t feel liable to others. For a normal mind the pros and cons of any action is calculated which direct in the modality of action, but for a abnormal mind that functions with high testosterone and adrenaline it’s a matter of what can be done rather than what can be saved.

The  major core values like learning, pain, action storage and thinking are place in different segment of minds. Out of all these process it works under basic fundamental values of ethics and morals. For any human to hurt another person it has to be overwritten manually to discharge the possible thinking for action of destruction of others.     Just like every equal action has an alternative reaction the brains also function with a basic function of alternative theory.

Holonomic brain theory says the cognitive function as being guided by a matrix of neurological wave interference patterns situated temporally between holographic Gestalt perception and discrete, effective, quantum vectors derived from reward anticipation potentials.
Anything that exceeds normal human brain is abnormal function that search and values action in terms of time and situation. For any action to be diverted towards a wrong action it takes huge need of will, motivation and inspiration. These three action in combination result in anything that is possible to overshadowing the motive of cognitive process and values.

 Criminologists in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries turned to phrenology, criminal anthropology, evolutionary theory, intelligence tests, and analyses of body types to understand crime in a manner that reified the differences between criminals and non-criminals. Adopting a "medical model" of crime, they focused on the physical traits that they believed distinguished criminals and largely ignored the circumstances in which criminals lived. Most early biocriminologists tried to reduce "the complexities of criminal behavior to a single biological factor," such as the size of the frontal lobes of the brain, the shape of the skull, or the capacity to learn (243). Most of them were also convinced that biology was destiny. They believed that interactions between biology and the environment played little, if any, role in shaping the behavior of criminals. Given their assumptions, it is not surprising that many biocriminologists embraced eugenics, since they believed that criminals represented a lower, atavistic state of human evolution. Nor is it surprising that behavioral scientists lost interest in biological explanations of crime once they had witnessed the atrocities committed by the Nazis and other eugenicists in the name of biocriminology.”

Volunteering abroad for a cause

Travelling is always fun but travelling with a vision and mission is something that is not common. Looking at the arrivals rate in Nepal, Nepal has established itself as one of the top ten holiday destination, most of the people who come here search for various aspects of luxury, entertainment, and adventure but there is a handful number of people who come to Nepal in search of helping people.
The trend has grown so much that volunteering in Nepal has established itself as one of the most potential business where local NGO’s harvest a cash crop.

But right now we are talking about real change and real people who make that effort to bring real change.  Likesuch, Peter Jensen first went to Pakistan in 2005 as part of a team from Denmark to help after the big earthquake there.  There he helped and learned new techniques in building using materials from the local area to build with keeping costs down and efficiency high.  They built homes and taught locals how to do it t the same time.  Since then over 8000 structures have been built in Pakistan using these methods.

Peter came here to Nepal a few years ago and was treated so wonderfully by the people there that he fell in love with your beautiful country (as I did.)  He decided to share his knowledge and skills and built a school somewhere up north.  He is also building test buildings to show his methods work and are sound.  They can withstand over 9 on the Richter scale.  When the government of Denmark sees the results that Peter gets they will give him money to build more schools in Nepal.  Peter has sold his apartment in Denmark and has spent all his personal money on this project and needs the help and support of all who can give it so he can finish those test buildings.

Currently he is helping the people through  his website http://www.motherearthbuildings.com/

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Democracy in Nepal lack adequate political culture that respects voters not tax payers

Democracy in Nepal 

Democracy the true meaning defines, the freedom of the people where the government is ruled by people's choices and sentiments.  But here in Nepal the meaning of democracy has bee redefine and reconstituted. In abide making the system prolong and work the political parties of Nepal have been manipulating the system and public according to their need. From the absolute Monarchy system to the monarchy in constitution to the current republican Nepal has gone through various phase of practicing different regime and perception.

This testing of ideologies  has not only  made the country weak but on the other side the country is in a transitional phase of evolution its identity. The process has hindered the development and living standard but on its counter side the disease of corruption, power manipulation and nepotism has  engulfed the country in a  long history  and shadow of poverty and irregularities.

The main problem that lacks in Nepal is the  political culture where political parties and leaders have failed to realize the concept of Nation First. For them their parties and self motives are their fist priority where the aspiration of the people have no existence. 

The mentality of putting the leaders above the law and no existence of action in reaction to their unjustifiable irrational acts has put a huge question mark in the Political culture of Nepal.

"We need a system that treats a tax payer with respect, we don't need democracy that respect voters "

In Nepal Democarcy Defines loottantra for politicians.............

They have every right to do bandhas, Gundagardi, Politics in education system, corruption, Nepotism, Favoritism etc

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Buddha was born in Nepal

The great savior of Humanity Gautama Buddha was born in Kapailvastu Lumbini which is currently in Nepal, this information has been  mislead by the Indian government to prove he was an Indian prince. But on ground reality Nepal was never part of the greater India nor Gautam Buddha was a Indian prince. The Indian scholars and historians have imprinted the fact of Buddha being born in India with high notion in text books and other historical artifacts which has arguably made an impression upon the India citizen as well as the western world.  The issue has prolonged so much that even a duplicated kapilvastu was created to give the impression of Buddhas birth place in Utter Pradesh and in 2009 the Indian state Government celebrated the Kapilvastu festival to promote the fact.  Reality is Buddha was born in Nepal and he obtained his enlightenment and processed his learning in India which has been scientifically proven by UNESCO world heritage. Apart from that the famous ASOK Pillar also states that King Asok came in search of the place of birth of Gautam budhha and Erected the pillar in Nepal.

To some scholars ideology they apprehend the fact that when buddha was born there was no territory, there were small nations and countries which fought for their survival. And reality can be adjusted within the periphery but time and again India claiming Buddha born in India certainly pressures the locals in Nepal.

"Buddha was born in Lumbini which is a proven fact, the Indian  government time and again have been trying to overshadow this, they have created kapilvastu in India , what more can we expect from India," said Prakash a student.

CRUX Though there has been propaganda and  controversies created and fired still we all believe BUDDHA was born for HUMANITY where he served his people and taught us the path of salvation. Buddha cannot be limited within anyone or territory but  the fight  in between India and Nepal about where Buddha was born has always brought high sentiments of anger and hatred. It is not just a issue or a topic but its a national interest for young people who believe Nepal has to rightfully fight for what is its and its territory.

One thing India has to stop is to play with sentiments of Nepalese and one thing Nepalese have to understand is Buddha is not their property.

Shambhu Thapa- its all legal for me

The Supreme Court has ordered the  Department of Revenue Investigation (DRI) on Tuesday to returned the documents and other equipments, which were seized from senior advocate Shambhu Thapa’s law firm, to the Supreme Court (SC).

DRI officials returned the documents and other equipment's to the apex court as per the court Sunday’s order.The SC on Sunday had ordered the DRI not to proceed with the investigation into suspected tax evasion by the law firm of Thapa. 

In this case the SC is getting biased and is getting influenced. We all know who Shumbhu Thapa is and why is being held.  If the SC believe that just by showing or under favoritism could rule in Shambu thapa than it’s, the worst practice ever. Shambhu has committed an error not by filing proper taxes, so he should be treated accordingly. The documents and property seized are the perfect example of how and what a normal citizen has to go through when they don’t file taxes properly then why have a certain level of biasness towards him.

Just because he is a top lawyer of Nepal does not gives him the right to escape taxes. Apart from that he is a professional so he should have been transparency and a level of legality with this organization which he fails to show.   
We should all give a round of applaud for  the SC in its intervention of saving Shambhu Thapa’s fundamental right when thousand of Nepali face the same. Shambhu Thapa has  not submitted the financial reports and as per the DRI which he should have  done, so he facing the problem I think the DRI’s action is a milestone in setting and triggering all the big shot businessman and entrepreneurs who have been tax evading.

Who the freaking hell is he that he should be given the priority and why is the SC is being biased. The SC with such reaction is showing the way the supreme body works.

Even the president of Nepal intervening in this matter is a concern of all about how the network of favoritism work. Mr president please confirm your information and consult your counselor before having a public support or statement.  

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Nepal Vs Afghanistan in the SAFF 2013 match

Nepal Vs Afghanistan in the SAFF 2013 match was a class one. The whole country and the football fan lovers of Nepal were disappointed with the performance of the Nepali National team. Though many of the fans appreciated the game but on practical grounds Nepal played the worst match of their league.

Football in Nepal is not just a game its a nation's passion and pride  where the whole country unities to cheer for Nepal. What rich what poor they all come together for the red and when the team fails to re-conciliate this then there is a huge disappointment. its the end of a dream that fails to say we lost and tears come out of eyes saying we could have done better. Nevertheless with high morale people at-least have a satisfaction that we won over India.

The Himalayan times quotes, "Nepal made a weak start, losing ball possession. Afghanistan dominated the game for the first half an hour and they were rewarded for their hard work with Ahmadi netting the ball after Nepal goalkeeper fumbled inside the danger zone. The Afghans put so much pressure on the home side that all the 11 players were pushed inside the box on couple of occasions. Nepal caught the momentum in the last 10 minutes of the first half and created chances at regular intervals but failed to find the back of the nets."

Just for this match the fans started queuing up outside the stadium early morning to buy tickets despite the hike in prices – Rs 500 from open parapet and Rs 1,000 for parapet with roof the tickets were sold within one hour of opening and most of them turned down.

I am not talking about the over all technical game, but it matters for how many goals we make, a game is not just for wining its an evaluation and the sportsmanship about taking losses as well.

But my concern is this game was not just part of the passion of football it was the dream of thousands of Nepali who were dreaming of being a sportsmanship. The only thing that disappointment me was the lack of professionalism shown by the two players.

1.Kiran Kumar Limbu (Goal Keeper who dodged the ball and the opponent turn it into a goal)
2. Rohit Chand (Penalty missed)

How can a national player doze a ball in-front of  the opponent players who are attacking? was he not trained or was he not capable of playing such a national match ? or was it the hang over of the win over India?

how can a forward striker miss a penalty that too two 2 times?

What kind of players are we appointing in national team ?

 Neither should we expect this nor should we believe in giving second chance. These national players have been given national pride and prestige  plus they have been given the opportunity apart from that the nation has invested so much of money on their training  so how can they be careless. I know our opportunities and facilities given are not equal to the world class but still the government has facilitated the possible. The players can't complain nor they can escape this loss they have to show their game than to complain....

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Against Terrorism means Against Humanity

The Obama Government is about to attack Syria and we all know its the next Afghanistan. I am not against terrorism but killing people in the name of terrorism is also another level of terrorism...........

US government might seem prepared for the attack but one thing we should know is what is happening in Syria is their internal matter, US posing as a  world power can help Syria resolve the issue by diplomacy but not by infiltrating in with sides. The current position of US in Syrian case is a mere impulsive decision made by the Obama Government in retrospect of US powers. US needs to understand that the title of super power comes with greater responsibility not with the feeling of being GOD.  

With high videos of Syrian government attacking its own civilians with nerve gases and the killings happening is not a context of normal order but to resolve such matters we have United Nation and other alleged forces. The present contest of Syria certainly calls for desperate measures but not for the US but for the concerning power to act against such genocide against humanity. The implication of this might cause drastic impact in the image and security position of the US itself where I think it needs to realize and reorganize.

 The America in its cruised against terrorism is imposing world domination, which can be clearly seen. One cannot take the sovereignty of other country in act of any country's domination in respect of any cause. If that is the case then every country must be given the right to fight for its security issue with its power. There should be no limitation in respect to containing Nuclear weapon and its use.

The US government portraying a broad image might win by the military power but with cyber space they are as vulnerable as anyone. Recently the Syrian Space Army attacking the website of the New York Times has clearly shown the impact of what can be done. In a country where every thing runs by network and infiltrating the network and causing damage is just an ordinary man's capability of just pushing one button. Cyber terrorism and warfare is the next generation of threat that is silent as well as more devastating. The US posing as a super power and contemplating its rivals is yet another example of weak US mentality where massive destruction can be done. As we all know Russia and Iran are already in watch and support of the Syria so any action towards the Syria government can impose threat to the US.

One thing is for sure that US is vulnerable in every possible way and if US is considered attacking other countries than other super powers are also waiting and watching for their turn.

Highlighting this the US government has already declared the month of October as Cyber Awareness month and is further processing its security threats online. .........................

HUMANITY can be restored by dialogues and diplomacy not by GUN Mr US President......


Friday, September 6, 2013

Us embassy in Nepal allocating USD 175,000 for one tube well

In a recent news published in The Himalayan Times , about the American embassy in Nepal or US embassy in Nepal reported that " A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Embassy of the United States in Kathmandu and the Armed Police Force today to construct deep tube wells near designated open spaces in the Kathmandu Valley.  A press statement issued by the US Embassy said these wells will allow the APF to better serve the citizens in the event of a disaster by providing safe drinking water to displaced people. The deep tube wells will be built using Nepali contractors and construction companies. The estimated cost of one tube well is about $175,000. As per the MoU, a total of six to seven deep tube wells will be built, the construction for which will begin in November." 

My attention was directed towards the figures as the  estimated cost of one deep tube well is about $175,000, if one deep tube well cost approximate Nrs 189,00000, then you can imagine of the total cost and funding. It is indeed a good initiative of the  US embassy in Nepal but the cost are whopping the charts.

I seriously think there is a Mistake or  corruption happening. how can a well be so expensive. Apart from that Nepal has no foreign aid policy where most of the money allocated by the donor agencies are spended on foreign human resource and consultants. so at the end of the day the numbers might look big but the resources and allocation of budgets are very small in operation.  
Foreign aid policy should be based by analyzing the need  of the particular country. In recent years, Nepal’s foreign policy is directed towards mobilizing bilateral and international cooperation through inducting the policy of “Economic Diplomacy”, where economic independence has been overlooked. There is no debate on whether Nepal needs foreign aid or not, but the prime concern is of raising its productivity through effective utilization of foreign aid and economic independence.

Security threat for Nepal and India in absence of a treaty

Nepal and India both the countries are at the verge of being exploited by criminals and terrorists in regards of their safety and operation of criminal activities in both location. Due to diplomatic relationship and  open broader both the countries are being targeted by criminals and terrorists for their  activities and operations.  In one hand both countries are silent about the specific diplomatic treaty  to handle  cross country crime and criminal activities where as on the other side both countries have been successfully holding their operation in nabbing criminals. 

Despite the absence of the treaty both countries have been handing over criminals and terrorists across the border without anything on record to show they were arrested in another country.

Current provision 
During the Twelfth SAARC Summit (Islamabad, 4-6 January 2004) the Council of Ministers signed the Additional Protocol to the SAARC Regional Convention on Suppression of Terrorism. The purpose of this Additional Protocol is to strengthen the SAARC Regional Convention on Suppression of Terrorism, particularly by criminalizing the provision, collection or acquisition of funds for the purpose of committing terrorist acts and taking further measures to prevent and suppress financing of such acts. Similarly  at the Fourteenth SAARC Summit (New Delhi, 3-4 April 2007), the Heads of State or Government agreed to work on the modalities to implement the provisions of the existing SAARC Conventions to combat terrorism, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, trafficking in women and children and other transnational crimes.

Similarly the Times of India quotes, " Yasin Bhatkal, one of India's most wanted terrorists responsible for several bombings that have claimed over 140 lives, has been arrested.

The 30-year-old, whose real name is Ahmed Siddibappa, was picked up from Pokhara in Nepal where he was living in the guise of a Unani doctor. The successful operation of the Intelligence Bureau, which was facilitated by Nepal, also yielded a bonus in the form of Asadullah Akhtar alias Haddi, an absconding front-ranking member of the Azamgarh module of the Indian Mujahideen (IM) who had played a crucial role in the 2011 serial blasts in Mumbai."

Hindustan times quotes  " Like Tunda, who was shown as arrested from the Indo-Nepal border earlier this month, Indian authorities said that Bhatkal was arrested along the border on Thursday and not on Nepali soil.

“Bhatkal was arrested on the Indo-Nepal border and we can confirm that he was not nabbed in Nepal,” said Indian Embassy spokesperson Abhay Kumar.

Though tunda and Bhatkal both were arrested in Nepal by the Indian security agencies but Indian government has refused to accept it in media due to the lack of cooperation in legal terms. On one hand the India security agencies being active in  Nepal and holding security operations solely are against the sovereignty of Nepal where as on the other hand Nepal Government turning a blind eye to the activities of Indian security agencies is yet another issue of broad discussion.  

In both ways diplomacy is required in transparent way  as terrorism is a hideous act against humanity and cannot be taken for-granted but the way and methods used to bypass  foreign diplomacy in the name of security cannot be overlooked.  Indian government cannot overlook and  step the sovereignty of Nepal in the name of security when we already have provisions through SAARC, Interpol and UN.

CRUX is Indian government and its  security agencies  have to be more vigilant about Nepal's sovereignty issues and should develop further better prospect of cooperation than to create embarrassing situation for both countries. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pathetic facebook likes game

what a pathetic mentality ?

A n unofficial fan page of Kantipur TV  is playing the likes game in the name of  a national level match. facebook likes has indeed become a craze where different people are crossing their limits to gain the most likes in their post and pages . Like such a reputed national television pleaded to public in the name of nationalism to like their post.

Why are they requesting the public in the name of nationality to like their post? its just a game between Nepal Vs India . Though Nepalis are biased and have a soft corner towards their nation but is it practical and authentic to do something like this..................

Education System in Nepal degrading

You might be surprised to know the education system in Nepal has degraded to a level where it has lost its meaning of standardization. There is not standard or limitation in terms of quality. There is a huge gap of education system that practices a difference of economic status. From a government school that suppose to be free to private schools that charge thousands there is no baseline in terms of quality.
Isn't the education at both institutions supposed to be the same? But that is not the same parent are nagged   to pay more money where private schools have made education a business.

The private schools are demanding large amount of fee ranging from NRS 1000 to NRS 13000 that too for basic schooling  depending upon schools. In addition to that prior admission the parents have to go through a phase of interview where their financial status is well evaluated and they are compelled to committee their support at times of financial need to the schools. Isn't this an exploitation ?

 Similarly in a new start one of the very popular school has been demanding money from the parents in the name of constructing an earthquake escape shelter for children that would prevent any disaster during earthquake.

The total budget is estimate to be 100 million and the parents have been pressured to support 1.2 million in total. Is this a joke the same school charge a tuition fee of NRS 13,000 and still they request the parent to support the school. Insane I must say.

This is lootantra where the private schools are flourishing in the name of knowledge. They have sidelined their ethic and morale……………………….


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Nepal lack leaders with proper vision

Recently one of the youth leader of Nepali Congress Gagan Thapa was caught on TV saying, "Politics should not be infiltrated in school level and teachers should not be given the right to be a political member."

I was surprised to hear this from a young leader, first thing politics is a hot issue in Nepal, knowingly and unknowingly we all have our preferences but what I fail to understand is how can a leader have such a limited vision.

Today Nepal’s education system suffers the consequences of political infiltration and manipulation. The education system is ruled by union leaders of different political parties where they control the future of thousands of students. In the past we have seen and experienced political youth leaders cancelling national level examinations, holding bandha(strike program) on the day of examination risking the future of millions of students .
Apart from that doing gundagardi(hooliganism) and felony in the name of college politics is yet another disadvantage. Reality is our political culture has deep rooted in student’s politics in the name of numbers where political parties need student workers to make their program success. 
 Though student politics dates back to the revolt of Rana regime in view of patriotism but today it has transcended into a factory of making "Gundas" who have no vision but only political agendas and manifestos.

Gundas politics in Nepal has taken over so much that each political party has been associated with criminals.
My question to him is how can a leader who is supposed to lead a country or influence the country's policy have limited mentality. I think politics should be PROHIBITED from education system. Politics and political leaders should not be allowed to enter the premises of any school or college. It is an individual choice and we are in democracy , a lawful citizen of Nepal has every right to follow or to be labeled with any political party but infiltrating the education system risking the future is my OBJECTION. 

We considered our schools and colleges as temples where most of the students come to learn but they are brain washed and are fueled in the dirty game of manipulation and power play. A country invested a lot of money for quality education and in such pristine institution politics makes students irresponsible, corrupt and gives them the freedom to do anything. This in long run take the form of a leader who is corrupt and who has only one vision to promote bad politics.

 Our political culture is very intimidated by ethics and morale but when it comes to practice it has no implication. We have leaders who are hollow in practice of their image and agendas.

Just by being good in dialogue and blaming their own political leaders doesn't makes you a hero, you have to first adapt the mentality of "NATION FIRST" ideology in retrospect of   what can be done

Mr. Thapa I object your thought...................................

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