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Monday, February 6, 2017

Does #nepal needs such controversial issues to promote #VisitNepal Campaign ?

Recently, Sahana Bajracharya an elite VJ and public icon shared these messages on her twitter account. It was appraised and shared by hundreds of her followers on social media  and created a buzz among the Nepalese community. When I saw these messages I was quite not offended but I didn't feel comfortable about those messages.

The first question that came to my mind was why  all these complication. People love Nepal for no reason they come here because its beautiful and people feel good and natural about Nepal. Using such campaign with such background of hatred and negativity, it has its share of baggage as well which can be chronic and contemplating.

Good or Bad, I think Nepal is something which is beyond such controversy. Nepal is famous in the world for its natural beauty and serene environment. Apart from that Nepalese are also known for their genuine attitude and nature. Why would we want to capitalized trump's issues of negativity and hatred  when we have our own share of goodness and so many other things to explore?

With such campaign comes the pros of buzzing in the social media for a short period but its also has a wide side of criticism where the aspect of capitalizing on issues of racialism and negative attitude can be very costly.

#socialmediacrisis is a unwanted situation of creating scope of problems and complexity with wrong interpretation and unwanted justifications. The possible solution is to avoid such acts by building a credible image and strategy of social media without by passing hard work and efforts.

Jeopardizing a national campaign or even creating speculation for cheap marketing strategy is not a good marketing strategy. It can be a instant success but at times can and will result in sad  and unwanted  consequences as well.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Customer service and professionalism that's what we lack in Nepal

You might be stunned by the fact that customer service in Nepal means to have a phone number and a person to entertain your calls. There will be no troubleshooting process, but someone will be picking up your call just for the sake of listening and then you are left with the error and problem to think about why you choose this service. You might then think about all the promotional campaign and their discount offers that gave you relief or motivation, but still it makes you feel the pain of not satisfying your objectives. 

Thinking endlessly, if you are smart then you would probably pull some strings to use your contact, only then things can roll or else you are left behind with the problem to repent why you choose this service.

This is the major case of multinational companies that are running their industry in Nepal. Especially the service industry that requires more customer service has been severely suffering with this disease of lack of professionalism. Though Nepal is moving towards globalization, but major the banks and service industry lack the concept of customer service and its performance.

Clients are getting bad feedback or they are not being followed up or it turns out to be a rude reply etc. All these actions are happening due to lack of enthusiasm, pressure and poor corporate culture where the Customer Service Representative (CSR) either skips the call or keeps it on hold due to less priority. His priority decreases in view of lack of motivation either directly from the leadership or corporate culture that is being practiced.

This is resulting in more bad publicity and marketing which is costing the company more in terms of resources and investment which they fail to realize. 

Having a million dollar campaign for marketing and spending less in the motivation of the CSR, certainly makes the Organization marketing strategy no worth or a big loss. 

Leadership, motivation and regular monitoring mechanism keep the customer service at top notch if any of this lacks then the circles breaches in resulting laziness, no motivation, ignorance and carelessness.
One thing that all marketing managers and Chief Executive Officer need to consider is the timely evaluation of customer service performance. It needs to be checked regularly and has to be updated with proper mechanism and protocol.

If this is not done on a regular basis, there is no point in having a customer service. An inefficient customer service that prioritizes in low results has no use and no performance. In-fact, it acts like a liability that builds pressure and spreads like fire engulfing the organizational culture with the zero performance.

So efficient customer service is a concept of motivating your CSR to work more effectively in marketing your brand with more precise and accurate approach. 

Mouth to mouth marketing is something that works like wonders and no marketing campaign can beat that and just by making your customer service effective and efficient you can increase your credibility as well as market yourself with high motivation to get optimum performance. 

Thus a smart marketing campaign is the campaign where the whole chain of marketing strategy fits the circle of promotion, production, performance and pleasure of the clients. 

Customer’s satisfaction can only be attained when your own staffs are happy and working in the most efficient and effective way.

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